Website Design turnaround is up to 9 business days, but turnaround time can vary. Client is responsible for paying the hosting fee and purchasing the domain. Domains can be purchased through GoDaddy or GoogleDomains. Websites are designed through Shopify or Wix.PANACHE CREATIONS WILL CREATE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION FOR YOU IF YOU CHOOSE SHOPIFY.

Website Homepage Development

  • • Home page

    • Graphic headers

    • Sliders

    • Product categories

    • Link configurations

    • Instagram feed intergration

    • Newsletter installation

    • Premium theme for Shopify websites

    • Consultation before designing begins • 30 day support after designing is completed

  • •Logo

    •Color Scheme

    •Model & product pictures

     •Instagram login + social media handles

    •Slogans or sayings

    •Collection / category names